Friday, July 27, 2007

Trio Towers

“A new engineering and style philosophy” best describes NCDC’s new Trio Towers design. To be located in various locations around the world, these towers exude a sense of the future and excite the senses. Unlike anything else ever constructed, these structures mark a new direction in the progression of human civilization.

The Trio Towers design concept includes one 85-story condominium/commercial tower and two 75-story hotel towers. One remarkable design element of these structures will be where they are built – in the water! The towers will be encircled at their bases by a multi-tiered platform which will connect all three buildings, contain shopping and dining areas, and provide automobile parking spaces. In addition, 3 floors of each tower will be underwater, affording an unforgettable view and experience of an undersea world.

The hotel towers, each standing roughly 176 meters tall, will be an experience like no other. Not only providing world-class views, these hotels will add a new class of service and amenities not found elsewhere. These towers will surely be sought after by various lodging corporations as their “signature” hotel locations.

The main tower will stand about ten-stories taller than the hotel towers and be mixed-use. About 20-30 floors will be commercial space with the remaining floors being residential condominiums.

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Anonymous said...

Again NCDC great vision to a great design and Mr. Tariq Ayyad would really be one of the first to display such a great physical structure, very in terested of how much this would cost and how long would it take and where does NCDC place this beautiful structure at?

Thank you.